About Dr.AnyCARE

Dr.AnyCARE Inc. has been trying to provide services to the silver generation around the world, as well as everyone in need of care and safety, and is striving to meet various needs by achieving stability in technology through steady research and development.

CEO's Greeting

“Dr.AnyCARE will become a world wide smart healthcare service company that increases value of customer’s life.”

Dr.AnyCARE aims to contribute to increase the value of your life healthily and safely by providing smart healthcare services of Dr.AnyCARE to people in need of care and safety around the world. Accordingly, Dr.AnyCARE will actively strive to become a global company beyond the Korea by achieving stability of technology through steady product development and smart healthcare service platform research in order to meet diverse customer needs.

“Dr.AnyCARE will strive for the safety of customer and security of customer’s family.

In order to protect the health of senior citizens living alone in an advanced society and those who have health risks or are socially vulnerable, Dr.AnyCARE Inc. will always strive to make customers’ safety and family feel at ease. In addition, we will try to identify the customer’s emergency situation a little faster for the customer’s healthy life and help the customer receive emergency medical assistance.

“Dr.Anycare is growing with customers’ trust.”

Dr.Anycare research airport COVID-19 testing platform to improve people’s health and quality of life.
In addition, we are providing customer-oriented products and smart healthcare service.
We will not spare any efforts to make a healthier and happier future.


CEO Lee, Kyungmin​

Seoul National University College of Medicine
Professor Concordia University
Thoracic Surgeon
Former Medecins Sans Frontiers
Former Latin America Medical Aid Group
Former Venezuela Presidential doctor
Current Dr. Anycare CEO

Our Team

Sales Team

- Japan Office
- China Office
- Mexico office
- Spain office

R&D Center

Seoul Center
North America Center (Irvine, CA, USA)

Service Team

Business Planning
- Solution Planning
- Solution Development
- Business Model
- Service Model



  • 1.Portable device, system and its method for monitoring self-quarantine
  • 2. Full hurt detection device and its method
  • 3. The first aid system for passengers in the airliners

In Progress

  • 1. Portable device that contact guardians with voice comments in emergency outdoors
  • 2. Emergency monitoring system and its method using motion monitoring and AI system
  • 3. The detection of the daily eating cycle of the elderly, communication with portable device and handling of emergency situations
  • 4. SAR system with portable device and drones
  • 5. AI road guidance system for visually impaired
  • 6. System that alert and report his/her position when they leave designated place


2007 CTIA Emerging Technology Award, 1st Place, Mobile Accessory;    1st Place, Wearable Wireless Device or Fashion Technology

2007 & 2008 Deloitte award for fastest growing wireless companies

2009 CTIA Emerging Technology Award, 1st Place, Mobile Accessory

2009 Top Wireless Companies, Fierce Wireless Fierce 15

2010 CDG Smart Wireless Award

2012 CTIA Emerging Technology Award, 1st Place, Mobile CE

2013 Multiple Connected Car Awards including CES Editor’s Choice

2014 TU-Automotive Award, Best Aftermarket Device or Solutions

2020 MD Journal Prestige Awards Korea – Aviation Medical System